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By Steve Abrams


Meet James Andrews: voiceover artist, musician and Jack Pine Non-Alc Pale Ale fan

James Andrews is a professional voice actor based in Toronto. If you’ve ever watched TV or listened to the radio, chances are you’ve heard James doing his thing for Bell, Canon, Bosch, General Mills, Toyota or any number of other brands. In addition to his voice acting skills, he’s also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who's opened for/toured with many acts including Jeff Healey, Randy Bachman, Nazareth, Teenage Head, Tragically Hip, and The Church. In 2011, James released a solo record, "Poppies" to some great press in local papers and airplay on CBC and CIUT.  Look for a concept album to be released later this year.

Are you sober, a mindful drinker or sober curious?

I have been sober since 2009. Alcohol had become a real problem for me and it was time to quit for a while. That “experiment” has turned into 13-plus years of sober living!

What’s your favourite thing about being sober?

My favourite thing about being sober is never having a hangover, but more importantly, a clear, sharp mind, always... Especially as I watch others getting drunk and sloppy. I’m so grateful for my sober life.

Favourite colour?

Blue. No yellow! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (Python reference…;)

Favourite food?

A steak, or a burger, and a Harmon’s Jack Pine IPA

Favourite way to unwind?

Lying on the sofa with my puppy, going down random Internet rabbit holes, reading about science, history, philosophy, or whatever comes to mind. Always remain curious about life!

Favourite Harmon’s Beer?

Jack Pine Pale Ale! Now I can have a non-alc beer that actually tastes like a beer, and a good one at that. Imo Harmon’s non-alc beers taste better than some regular beers! 

Check out James' incredibly versatile array of voices here!




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