Where are you located?

We are currently brewing (yes, we do our own brewing) at Equal Brewing in London, Ontario. They’re great guys and we’re happy to be making beer there.

What kind of beer do you make?

We are a non-alc brewery focusing on certified organic, flavour-forward craft ales; you can check out our latest line up here.

Do your beers have alcohol? 

Our entire line-up of beers have less than 0.5% alcohol

Do you have any full-strength (alcoholic) beer? 

Not currently, but never say never! At the moment, we're having too much fun perfecting our non-alc recipes!

Will a 0.5% beer get me drunk?

355ml of non-alc beer is the equivalent of 0.1 standard drinks based on Canadian Guidelines (One Standard drink in Canada contains 17.05ml of pure ethanol). Click here for more information.

Where can I order your beer?

Click here. to shop. And if you sign up for Club Harmonium, we'll keep you informed of any new ways to get our beer into your hands. 

What's your Shipping Policy?

We're sorry to announce that effective December 1, 2023 we will temporarily cease accepting all online orders from outside Ontario.  Freezing temperatures during transit have been a real challenge, so we've decided to postpone any further shipments until the thermometer starts to rise.


We’ve tried to make our shipping policy as easy and transparent as possible. 


We offer a $10 flat rate for 12 cans and FREE shipping for 18 cans or orders over $45 (check out Harmon’s merchandise!).

Only looking for 6 cans? The shipping cost for small orders is dependent on your location and will be calculated at checkout. 

We sincerely believe you will be thrilled with our Craft Non-Alc Beer. If for any reason your order did not meet your satisfaction or there is damage to your shipment please drop us a line with a picture at webstore@harmonsbeer.com.

My 24 case only came with 18 cans!?

That'll rarely happen. But if it does, let us know via our social channels or our contact page and we'll sort it out.

How does Harmon's make their non-alc beer?

We can't tell you everything, but you'll learn more about our processes if you visit our About Us page. 

Will a 0.5% beer freeze if left outside?

It will during a Canadian Winter. Please ensure that you're having the beer sent to a delivery address where someone is home or can receive it. If the beer is left on a porch or doorstep it will most definitely freeze.