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By Steve Abrams

MEET DEBORAH MOORE: Wellness, Strength & Mindset Coach and CrossFit Fanatic.


Deborah Moore.  Strongr Fitness


Today we're featuring Deborah Moore. Deborah is an athlete, but not just any athlete: she is a 53-year-old wellness, strength and mindset coach focused on helping women 40+ age strong and establish healthy habits.  For over 20 years, Deborah raced in triathlons and competed in Ironman competitions. She has five Ironman finishes, including two at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. Deborah took up CrossFit at 49 and is training for the 2023 CrossFit Games qualifiers.

Are you sober, a mindful drinker or sober curious? 

I’d classify myself as a mindful drinker. I will have an alcoholic drink (usually a gin cocktail or a nice glass of wine) if I go out for dinner during the week, but this rarely happens! But I enjoy a glass of wine or an icy gin & tonic pretty much every Friday or Saturday night, so I’d say I drink alcohol twice a week.

Give us your best mindful drinking tip. 

I enjoy the feeling of being sharp and ready to perform when I haven’t been drinking alcohol. As a CrossFit masters athlete, I try to give my body the best chance to be at its peak for daily workouts, and I find avoiding alcohol helps a lot with that. Having said that, one of my favourite moments is a nice glass of complex red wine on a Saturday evening, knowing that Sunday is a day off workouts!

My favourite way to practice mindful drinking is to make drinking non-alcoholic drinks more fun & interesting. So, for example, I’ll add herbs like rosemary or flavours such as frozen berries to my sparkling water and serve it up in a cocktail glass, making sure to sip it like I would a cocktail.

Favourite colour? 

It would be a toss-up between yellow & orange. Both sunny, vibrant colours that give me a real energy boost for my workouts (because most of the clothing I own in workout gear ;)

Favourite food? 

Again, a toss-up between sushi/sashimi or Middle Eastern. The clean taste of the sushi is heavenly, but the depth of flavour in the Middle Eastern spices blows my mind!

What is your favourite way to unwind? 

Either a walk with my pup, listening to the Lumineers, or an Epsom salt bath with a fancy drink.

Favourite Harmon’s Product? 

The Harvest Ale is amazing!!! I love the citrus note to it. I’m all about crisp & refreshing; this checks all the right boxes! 

Follow Deborah (AKA "STRONGR MOVEMENT") on IG @strongr_movement & FB @wearestrongrmovement

To enquire about her health & wellness coaching, check out strongr.ca

Harvest Ale photo by Jessica Smith


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