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By Steve Abrams

Toronto Festival of Beer: So far, so good!

So far the response at Toronto's Festival of Beer (Official) has been waaaaay better than we'd anticipated. This crowd has definitely matured since I started attending/working it over twenty years ago. Frankly, we were poised for battle on the eve of the first "witching hour", but attendees never stopped being polite right until the end. Nice one Toronto!
Sure, I got accused of false advertising with my "FREE BEER" signs, but most folks laughed it off and were genuinely interested to try Harmon's once they got over the disappointment of no free booze (Gotta reel 'em in somehow!).
The amount of pregnant women who flocked to our booth was notable as well. I don't recall ever seeing so many moms-to-be at a beerfest! Glad we could keep them hydrated.
People repeatedly told us how they'd cut back on their drinking and become N/A beer fans (now that it tastes good!). Introducing them to Harmon's at this festival was a golden opportunity - lots of fist bumps and smiling faces all weekend long. I am witnessing the evolution of our drinking culture and proud to be part of it.
Huge thanks to Les Murray for bringing us on board at the last minute. I was admittedly skeptical on the reception we'd get, but I'm a believer now. Your team continues to be exceptional; it's always felt like working with one giant extended family. Nice to be back.
Thanks to Wicksy, Rob, Patti, Corry, and my daughter Rowan (!!!) for rallying so quickly to make this happen.
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Patti & I working the crowd!




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