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By Steve Abrams

Who Drinks Harmon's Q&A: Ty Woolner - Founder of HolisticStrength.ca


Ty Wooler Holistic Stregnth


Ty Woolner, Founder & Director of Collingwood-based Holistic Strength, has been on a mission to improve the lives of others through strength training for over ten years. 

He incorporates a number of non-traditional disciplines (including Power Meditation) to awaken a deeper awareness and a transferable strength in all five elements of holistic well-being.  Ty's also a stock trader on the side, so he's probably good for a few stock tips if you book a training session! ;)


How long have you been sober?

Sober two years come July :) 


What’s your favourite thing about being sober?

Of the many things I could name, probably consistency is my favourite thing. Waking up foggy would often alter my intentions for the day, which would derail my motivation and momentum. 



What is your favourite food? 



What is your favourite way to unwind? 

Family time tops the list and is extra special these days, as I’m a new Dad. Other than that, I have a devoted 10-year meditation practice, I love reading, working out, driving and could analyze stock charts all day (I’m also a financial market trader). 


Favourite Harmon’s Product? 

Half-Day Hazy IPA is legit. I remember having it for my first time in a bar and having to ask the bartender to make sure it was in fact non-alcoholic!

(here's photographic evidence!)


Taken at Louis Cifer Brew Works on Danforth


Follow Ty on IG @holisticstrength.ca & FB @holisticstrength.ca.official. Interested in trading? check out his @themeditrader on IG.

To enquire about his holistic services, check out www.holisticstrength.ca


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