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By Steve Abrams

BAOS PODCAST -Tune into our chat on all things Harmon's non-alcoholic beer

Tune into our chat with the team at BAOS as we chat all things non-alcoholic beer and Harmon's Brewing. You may know that the BAOS team is heavy into non-alcoholic beverages, so clearly we were excited to hang out with them. 

We hung out with Cee (who was in Miami) to chat about the following:

  • Our beginnings founding Mill St. Brewing
  • Why we started a new non-alcoholic beer project
  • Our approach to the beer
  • The volume of liquid dumped to get to where we are at,
  • Our "flavour first" philosophy
  • Why craft breweries need to become craft beverage companies, and their choice of styles for their flagship lineup.

Find out all about our three core brands - Lunchbox Lagered Ale, Half Day Hazy IPA and Jack Pine Pale Ale.

Grab a Harmon's non-alcoholic beer and tune in below.



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