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By Steve Abrams

Harmon's Lunchbox Non-Alcoholic Shandy Recipe


Patti, our resident mixologist, proudly presents her first Harmon's mocktail.  It's creative and delicious.  The ice cubes are are really nice touch.

Take it away Patti...

The Lunchbox Shandy

You will need:

- Fresh or frozen berries and cherries (pitted)

- Fresh navel oranges

- Pomegranate juice

- Ginger Ale

- Harmon’s Lunchbox Non-Alc Lagered Ale

- Highball or stemless wine glasses

This recipe requires some prep work since you'll need fancy ice cubes to pull it off:

1. Start by cutting up a fresh navel orange into sections (remove the peel and as much of the pith as possible) small enough to fit into your ice cube tray. 

2. Add orange pieces, berries and cherries into the ice cube tray sections. Mix and match or keep them on their own.

3. Cover the fruit with pomegranate juice and put the trays into the freezer. 

4. When the ice is solid, pop out a few cubes and add them to your glass of choice. Slowly pour the Harmon’s Lunchbox Non-Alc Lagered Ale over the ice, leaving a good two inches of the glass empty. 

fruit-filled ice cubes

5. Top with ginger ale to bring the foam just below the rim. 

6. Garnish with a slice of orange or an orange peel twist.


Enjoy this fun and fruity beverage with friends and family!





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