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By Steve Abrams

Meet Amber Mac, Canada's "Queen of the Nerds"


Behind the scenes here at Harmon’s, we’re seeing many exciting people falling in love with our products. We thought it would be neat to introduce you to some of those people, so we’ve started a Customer Feature section on our blog page. 

This month we take great pleasure in introducing you to Amber Mac. Amber is the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Nerds,” a Canadian television personality, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, bestselling author of 2 books, Co-host of the podcast The AI Effect, popular Twitter personality and SiriusXM host. In addition, Amber sits on the board of GFI (Global Food & Ingredients) and is a mom to one outgoing, curious, and kind teenager. 

1. Are you sober, a mindful drinker or sober curious?

I have been sober since the early 2000s. In fact, I have not touched a sip of alcohol since that time. I quit drinking after someone close to me challenged me to go sober for a month. Well, a month turned into two decades of living the sober life.

2. What’s your favourite thing about being sober?

When I think about being sober, the one word that comes to mind is clarity. Since quitting drinking, I have been grateful to wake up with a clear mind. While I certainly don’t ever push the sober life on others, I’m more than happy to discuss my journey and why I owe much of my success to this lifestyle.

3. Favourite colour?

My favourite colour is yellow, just like the sun. I don’t think there is a happier colour. Tweet me if you disagree.

4. Favourite food?

My favourite food is sushi. I love ordering sushi takeout or going out for sushi; both are great!

5. What is your favourite way to unwind?

I love to research topics. I will spend hours going down random rabbit holes online just so I can consume as much information as possible on a topic. I’m a firm believer in constant learning. I know that might not sound like unwinding, but I find it relaxing.

6. Favourite Harmon’s Product?

My husband is sober curious, so in our house, Harmon's Lunchbox is a staple. When we host friends and family, we always make sure we have Harmon’s products in our fridge so anyone who wants it has a non-non-alcoholic choice.

You can follow Amber on IG @ambermac and Twitter @ambermac

header photo by Jessica Smith 


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